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ON2IT offers 24/7 cybersecurity-as-a-service. We have been looking after our clients’ cybersecurity through our Managed Security Operations Center (mSOC) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform since 2005.

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Who are we?

Dutch roots, international ambitions

ON2IT is a security company with Dutch roots and international ambitions. The company was founded in 2005 by Lieuwe Jan Koning and Marcel van Eemeren. We expanded internationally to the US in 2018 with an office in Plano, Texas. We have over 300 clients worldwide and are continuously growing.

Over fifteen years of experience in cybersecurity has taught us that the wishes, priorities and conditions for cybersecurity differ vastly between companies. This is why, together with our clients, we look at what parts of your cybersecurity require the most attention. We then put hardware and software in place, as well as applicable rules and measures. But this is not where our services end.

We make sure that your security is and will stay top notch

After applying all of this, we make sure that your security is to the highest standard and will stay that way. We do so by using our managed Security Operations Center (mSOC) and our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform.

We test your policies, monitor all actions and measures that have been deployed, ensure you remain compliant with rules and regulations and respond to any potential threats. We ensure that your IT-security is in top shape, so that you can focus on your core business.



How do you find and retain security personnel?

Investing in good hardware and software is only a small part of being on top of your security. To keep everything running smoothly, it is essential to have the right kind of people in your IT team. Finding and retaining these people though, is a not as easy as it sounds.

  • How do you attract personnel with the right skills and mindset?

  • How do you ensure that their IT-security knowledge is always up to-date?

  • How do you make sure they’re on top of their yearly certifications?

  • And after all those investments in good personnel have been made, how do you make sure they stay?

24/7 access to security engineers

With ON2IT’s cybersecurity-as-a-service you don’t have to worry about ‘the war on talent’ for your security personnel. As part of ON2IT Managed Security Services, you have 24/7 access to security specialists with up-to-date knowledge and the latest certifications, without having to worry about hiring, maintaining and educating them.

The right people still need the right software to keep your company network(s), cloud and data secure. The software issue is another aspect we can help you fix. Our own security platform can integrate with large network vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Checkpoint.

Managed SOC ON2IT

Managed SOC for a fixed monthly fee

For a set price per month, our entire SOC is at your service 24/7 making sure that your company network remains secure.

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Cybersecurity according to Zero Trust

We were one of the first to embrace the Zero Trust philosophy of securing IT-networks, and have actively contributed to its development from the word go.

Besides being a prudent strategy, Zero Trust is a great tool for making sure your security is future proof and not dependent on specific software or hardware. It is easy to shape the way that works best for you, regardless of where you store your data.

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Zero Trust
Managed SOC ON2IT

Managed Security, Managed SOC

We offer our Managed Security Services from our own, hypermodern managed Security Operations Center (mSOC). Our mSOC consists of a combination of security engineers and the ON2IT SOAR platform.

ON2IT’s managed security provides you with 24/7 access to our security engineers and our SOAR platform, which gives you insight into and control over the status of your network security.

We serve our European clients from our Dutch SOC in Zaltbommel and for the American market we are based in Plano, Texas.

SOAR: 24/7 insight into the health of your IT security

You’ve implemented Zero Trust, and now you want insight and control over the security of your network and cloud. How many segments are there, how were they shaped and what is their status? Are pre-defined policies actively being applied? Have the firewalls been set up correctly?

The ON2IT Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform allows you 24/7 insight into the status of your security. All our services, software and hardware are linked together on this platform. This gives you a 24/7 overview of your entire network and security as well as access to the right tools to ensure business continuity.

Zero Trust Readiness & Fitness

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