The war situation in Ukraine and cyber threats

March 7, 2022|

On February 24, we sent out a security update on the cybersecurity implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In this new bulletin, we give you a status update on the most recent developments.

The Log4j lessons: so what IS vulnerability management anyway?

February 3, 2022|

We continue our Log4j blog series with the second installment: a deep dive into the subject of vulnerability management. What does it involve? What tools to use? And how to operationalize it into a long-term strategic cybersecurity approach.

Why Scrum doesn’t work for us: The quest for a better suit

October 29, 2021|

In this new series we try to give a look into one of the ON2IT teams by letting them write a blog article on how they run their team. This week DevOps kicks off with an article on why the Scrum method did not fit their needs.

Modernizing Cybersecurity with Authentic Zero Trust

June 9, 2021|

We understand the challenge in designing and building Zero Trust Architectures. ON2IT has implemented hundreds of authentic Zero Trust Architectures around the world. And, we are ready to help you.