CISO Meetup: Zero Trust Validation

After over fifteen years of implementing Zero Trust with many clients, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that you’re never done renewing yourself and your approach. We all know how quickly the IT landscape changes and how important is it to play into that.

We are proud of our Zero Trust Framework, but want to keep improving it. We’re convinced that the best way to do this is by collecting professional experiences, opinions and insights.

What did Zero Trust implementation look like for your company? What issues did you run into? In practice we learn the best lessons and we would like to use these to evaluate and validate our Zero Trust Framework.

The goal of the session

In order to constantly test our Framework and our approach, we’ve set up so-called validation sessions with experienced CISOs. During these validation sessions we can share experiences, talk through common issues (and solutions for said issues), all with the goal of validating the current Framework and finding new ways to constantly improve it.

The target audience

The concept is to get together every month with a max of 10 CISO’s, responsible for security, via a Group Support System (GSS) faciliated session, to exchange and collect opinions, viewpoints and insights about the Zero Trust Framework. We will show you how this Framework helps bring the strategic level closer to the operational level.

We want to enter into discussions with users who are already actively using Zero Trust or who are considering getting started with Zero Trust. Their experiences are valuable feedback to us.

The idea of these sessions is mostly to learn from each other, and therefore active participation is required. We will be sharing experiences and insights, discuss ideas and together get to valuable and useful conclusions.

Focus op de core business

What’s in it for me?

The results so far

We started in January this year with the first 3-hour long GSS sessions and over 60 CISOs and IT-security specialists have participated so far.

We are grateful for the valuable feedback they have provided and for the appreciation that these professionals have already showed us. The sessions are graded with an average grade of an 8.5.


How can I join?

Are you a CISO, do you work with Zero Trust in practice, or is your organisation about to get started with Zero Trust and you think you can add valuable expertise to our approach? Then fill in the form below and someone will get in touch with you to see if there’s a match.

The CISO meetups take place twice a month, on a Wednesday and a Friday. Because of the current circumstances, the meetups will be happening online, for the time being. Thankfully the GSS tool we use makes this easier and the only thing you’ll need is a laptop/PC or a mobile phone.

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