Managed Endpoint Security

An introduction to Cortex XDR Prevent – Interactive webinar with CTF

Interactive webinar  |  November 11, 10:00  |  60 minutes

Webinar - I've been audited

Find the most advanced threats, figure out how they slipped past your security, hunt them down and then deploy an effective response! By using Cortex XDR and a managed Security Operations Center, these are actions that ON2IT can perform for your company.

In this 60 minute interactive webinar we’ll take a closer look at how we do that, but we also wanna see what you’re capable of!

We’re looking for security analysts of any level to hunt down threats and remediate them. Fight for glory with your team! All security operations professionals, incident responders and threat hunters are invited to gain first hand experience with Cortex XDR Prevent via this webinar.

Show us what you’ve got and learn about what all Cortex XDR Prevent is capable of.

Sign up for this mission and you will:

  • Try to outsmart opponents in a race to discover details and conquer and secure areas;

  • Identify weak points in the network;

  • Improve your research skills.

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Target Audience

IT-Managers, Security Officers, Security Architects and Security Analysts.

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Maurice Schiffer

Webinar hosts: Maurice Schiffer (ON2IT) and Tommi Kallberg (Palo Alto Networks)

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