Lunch & Learn – Cloud Security

What is our organization doing in the cloud? And what if it goes wrong?

Digital Lunch & Learn  | Date TBA  |  90 minutes

Lunch & Learn - Cloud Security

For cloud security, it’s important to think about what you’ll be doing in the cloud as early as possible, before you start setting up your security. The road to cloud is different per organization, but these are questions that you should ask yourself regardless. What about compliance, how do you make sure that your cloud security and infrastructure are aligned with your existing general infrastructure and security strategy.

During this cloud Lunch & Learn, Johan Bogema (Product Owner Cloud Security) will deep dive into what the most simple and effective way is to get your cloud security in order, by looking at the following:

  • How to handle cybersecurity within your cloud transformation

  • The biggest concerns that come with a cloud transformation

  • The checks to ensure you’re fully in control

  • Data and applications security in the cloud

  • Effectively implementing cloud security and the consequences for your organization

We will also look at what cloud security means for different target groups: what do you pay attention to as a CISO, and how does that differ from what’s important to a DevOps specialist? Of course there will be plenty of time and space for questions at the end of the Lunch & Learn.

Johan will tell you about all of this whilst you enjoy a free, home delivered lunch. This is why we ask for your address details when you sign up for the lunch, these details will only be used for delivery of the lunch. After the Lunch & Learn these details will be deleted.

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Target audience

Security-Managers, IT-Managers and Technology leaders.

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Johan Bogema

Webinar host: Johan Bogema

ON2IT Security Architect and Cloud Security Product Owner Johan Bogema will host this webinar.

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