Turning the NIS2 directive into robust cybersecurity measures

May 16 |  10:00 AM | 45 minutes

NIS2 Webinar

During the NIS2 webinar, our ISO Tim Timmermans dives into the ten basic measures of the NIS2 and translates them into real-world cybersecurity measures.

Under Article 21, the European NIS2 cybersecurity directive addresses a list of ten basic measures that organizations that fall under the “important” and “essential” category must address and/or implement.

In this webinar, we address a number of topics:

  • How to find out if the NIS2 measures apply to your organisation

  • How to translate the most important of these measures into practice

  • How to translate the measures into measurable security controls

There will also be ample room for a Q&A session.

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Target audience

(C)ISO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s, Security-Managers, IT-Managers, IT-Consultants, Technology leaders etc.

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Webinar host: Tim Timmermans

Information Security Officer at ON2IT