SASE & Cybersecurity

How do you offer employees and customers secure access to all applications?

Webinar  | Date TBA  |  45 minutes

In response to the worldwide pandemic many organizations have had to adjust their strategy and security architecture, so they can remotely provide secure access to their employees as well as their customers to all the applications they need to perform their jobs. Now that working from home has become the new normal, implementing identity – or context – driven access to applications and resources is more important than ever.

So far, the worlds of firewalls, cloud security and infrastructure were often separate, and this led to many problems, namely when it comes to securing one clear overview of your own security.

In this SASE webinar, we will look into the following subjects:

  • What is SASE?
  • How does SASE relate to SD-WAN?

  • Is a cloud-based firewall the best solution for combining all your infrastructure?
  • What is the base for consistent cloud security?

  • What does Prisma Access offer in terms of SASE?

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Target Audience

Security-Managers, IT-Managers and Technology leaders.

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Rob Maas

Webinar host: Rob Maas

ON2IT Lead Architect Rob Maas hosts this webinar. Rob is an official Zero Trust Strategist and is an experienced architect with extensive knowledge of Zero Trust, next generation firewalls and networksegmentation.

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