Tech Talk – Log4j

Q&A about the Log4j vulnerability

Tech Talk  | Date TBA |  45 minutes

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Tech Talk - Log4j

This Tech Talk is dedicated to the recent Log4j vulnerability and is meant as a Q&A session for anyone who has questions about this high impact exploit.

During this session we’ll also discuss a number of important topics:

  • The background of the Apache Log4j Java logging library exploit

  • What steps should you take immediately

  • How do you handle such a vulnerability from your role as a CISO

  • How can a Zero Trust strategy lessen the impact of such a vulnerability

  • You will have to patch immediately, but how do you properly handle this

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Target Audience

ISO, CISO, IT Architect, Cloud Specialist, Security Architect, IT manager

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prof. Yuri Bobbert
Jeroen Scheerder

prof. Yuri Bobbert & Jeroen Scheerder

Prof. Yuri Bobbert is Global CISO at ON2IT. Next to his work at ON2IT, Bobbert is a professor at the Antwerp Management School, where his team focuses on Cyberrisk & Security research and education. He promoted at the University of Antwerpen and Radboud University on a dissertation on Improving the Maturity of Business Information Security.

Jeroen Scheerder has a background in mathematical logic and decades of experience with network security, both in the trenches and behind the standing desk.