IoT Security – Reach and Risk

A practical approach to IoT cybersecurity policy and measures, including a live demo

Webinar | Date TBA | 45 minutes

Webinar - IoT Cybersecurity policy

IoT is such a broad area that security professionals in many fields tend to give it a wide berth, unless there’s no way around it. At the same time, IoT is literally every- where, from your security cameras bought from Alibaba, to the robots in the car factory, the blood pressure monitors in the hospital or the smart TVs at the office and in your living room, IoT is experiencing an explosive growth.

In this webinar we first relate IoT to information technology (IT) and process automation (OT). As an industry, we know these areas well; they’ve existed for many years, and we’ve developed many successful and proven cybersecurity solutions for them. IoT did not appear out of the blue, and in many ways, it falls in line with the strategy and measures we use for ‘regular’ IT and OT every day.

Furthermore, cybersecurity companies have in recent years added specific IoT security solutions to their portfolio; we will look at these in this webinar as well.

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Target Audience

Security-Managers, IT-Managers and Technology leaders.

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Maurice Schiffer

Maurice Schiffer & Dharminder Debisarun

Together, Maurice Schiffer (ON2IT) and Dharminder Debisarun (Palo Alto Networks) have decades worth of experience with state-of-the-art cybersecurity architectures and implementations in sectors like health care, industry, retail and automotive.

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