Zero Trust & Cloud

How do you apply Zero Trust principles in one or multiple cloud environments

Deep dive session  | t.b.a |  60 minutes

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Webinar: Zero Trust & Cloud

You are working on Zero Trust or are interested in it. You have data at an external party in the cloud and know you remain responsible for this. In the past year, close to 5 billion worth of damage was reported due to misconfiguration in cloud security. Can you prevent this?

How do you make sure your Zero Trust security policy and measures are also effective in the cloud environment(s)? How do you set this up? How do you validate this continuously?

During this Deep Dive, Johan Bogema, Product Owner Cloud at ON2IT, will take a closer look at Zero Trust implementation in a cloud environment. We dive deeper into the following topics:

  • What challenges are involved in cloud security?

  • Is your data secure in the cloud? What if it goes wrong?

  • What is the relationship between cloud and internet?

  • How do you ensure your Zero Trust policy and measures are also effective in the cloud environment(s)?

Of course, there is also room for other questions.

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Target Audience

ISO, CISO, IT Architect, Cloud Specialist, IT manager

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Johan Bogema

Johan Bogema

ON2IT Security Architect and Cloud Security Product Owner Johan Bogema will host this webinar. Johan has years of experience with implementing Zero Trust in large, complex IT environments.