How to start your Zero Trust journey

Using Zero Trust to reduce asset risk, simplify operations and strengthen execution

Webinar   |  45 minutes

Webinar - How to start your Zero Trust journey

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy that prevents successful cyberattacks. With the introduction of our AUXO Zero Trust Managed Services offering, ON2IT now delivers Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS). This makes Zero Trust easy to for any business consume.

As industry leaders deepen their commitment to Zero Trust to reduce asset risk, simplify operations and strengthen execution, they are facing challenges with operationalizing their Zero Trust Strategy, such as

  • What are the requirements before we can even define a Zero Trust strategy?

  • What is authentic Zero Trust?

  • Where to start? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

  • How can I access both experienced Zero Trust resources and skilled cyber talent.

  • How do I adhere to the original Zero Trust principles and what tactical instruments do I need?

  • How can we align our cloud strategy with our Zero Trust strategy?

In this webinar, John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust and Senior VP Cyberstrategy at ON2IT, helps you answer these questions and clarify how you can benefit from a Zero Trust approach to security.

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Target audience

Security-Managers, IT-Managers and Technology leaders.

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John Kindervag

Webinar host: John Kindervag

John Kindervag, Zero Trust Security creator and ON2IT SVP will host this webinar.

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