Endpointsecurity with Cortex XDR Prevent

Endpoints (laptops, PCs, servers and mobile devices) are the most vulnerable part of your infrastructure and the most common target of malware, data theft and ransomware. To stay ahead of the fast-developing threats, you need an AI-powered, smart endpoint security that is constantly learning how to deflect new attack techniques.

But what is important when you are looking for endpoint protection? And what kind of conditions should it fulfill?

Four elements of effective endpoint protection

Effectively securing your endpoints can be a virtuous circle of prevention, detection, response and analysis. To protect your endpoints, you need a solution that provides superior prevention and uses AI to continuously adapt to rapidly changing threats and outpace adversaries.

Cortex XDR Prevent - EDR - MDR


Applying our existing knowledge to machine learning and automation techniques ensures that even fewer threats get through than before.

It is also important to note that after a threat has been recognized many more steps need to be taken. These include updating detection rules, firewall policies and cloud environments.  But also, Cortex XDR Prevent provides your IT-department with a large number of alerts and data, of which only a portion can be handled by automation and machine learning.

Combining Cortex XDR Prevent with ON2IT’s Managed Services gives you the best endpoint protection that will not just stop after the threat has been detected. Using the Cortex XDR agent, our SOC-engineers will keep an eye on your company 24/7 and ensure that any threat or attack will be dealt with swiftly.

Auto detect


Machine learning and automation are now so sophisticated that they can recognize and detect known and even unknown threats. Depending on techniques such as deep learning and exploit technique recognition, AI can recognize when something out of the ordinary is happening on your endpoint.

Cortex XDR Prevent is at the top of MITRE’s list when it comes overall attack technique coverage. This means that out of all endpoint solutions available, Cortex XDR Prevent is the one that can automatically recognize most threats.

Analyse and Research


Automated threat detection leaves you with many events and alerts that need to be dealt with. Thankfully, there are several automated responses that can be put into place, as well as extensive playbooks for your SOC-engineers with answers to the most common threats.

Some threats will require a more complex approach, but having the automated processes in place as the first line of defense means that a threat is instantly neutralized. This gives your IT department the chance to take a closer look in a safe environment at what happened.

Respond and React


Knowing the details of the attack, where it came from and how this could happen is important, so that a similar future attack can be defended more easily.

Cortex XDR Prevent provides analysts with a large number of tools to help them with the Root Cause Analysis of an event. Combining these tools with our own, such as our ON2IT Zero Trust Contextualization Engine, means that we can rapidly find a solution to any problem.

Why Cortex XDR Prevent?

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Cortex XDR Prevent combines a large number of prevention methods at critical points of the attack lifecycle, which stop the execution of malicious scripts or applications and prevent the exploitation of legitimate applications.

The combination of Cortex XDR Prevent with ON2IT’s Managed Security Services goes on where other endpoint solutions stop.

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