Managed Microsoft Modern Workplace Security

ON2IT’s Managed Microsoft Modern Workplace Security solution provides you with the security expertise you need to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your on-premises and cloud deployments.

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Why Managed Microsoft Modern Workplace Security?

Moving further into the cloud means that businesses everywhere are facing new security challenges. Managing all the security aspects of a range of products as exhaustive as the Microsoft Modern Workplace Security suite with a 24/7 service level is too complex and costly for inhouse teams.

ON2IT’s Managed Microsoft Modern Workplace Security lets you detect cloud, identity and email vulnerabilities and attacks as they occur, across the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite.


Gain visibility into attacks targeting your Microsoft 365 Service

ON2IT’s Managed Microsoft Modern Workspace Security solution will detect suspicious Microsoft 365 actions, such as authentification settings being modified, anomalous sign-in activities, user password changes and resets, unauthorized geo-based access as well as inbox rule creation.

ON2IT’s service provides a fully managed security platform based for Microsoft Modern Workplace security product lines, including rapid initial configuration, onboarding and configuration validation against ON2IT best practices.

This 24/7 service provides incident management and translates a functional request into a technically sound and secure policy change, as well as availability monitoring of managed components. The service combines the Zero Trust Contextualisation EngineTM and Indicators of Good provided by the ON2IT AUXO ™ Security Automation and Orchestration Platform with the dynamic and continuous monitoring and prevention provided by Microsoft.

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A Zero Trust approach to Microsoft 365

The Zero Trust approach uses the guiding principle of ‘never trust, always verify’: There is no assumption in advance about the degree of reliability, regardless of users, hosts or data sets.

With these new security challenges that come with the modern workplace, we believe a Zero Trust approach is the most effective way of setting up your (cloud) security.

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Zero Trust

Our Managed Modern Workplace Security solution enables you to: