Managed Security Services

The IT world is constantly changing, which makes being in control of your cybersecurity time-consuming and expensive. Do you have the right people and sufficient funds to keep a Security Operations Center up and running? Do you know how to properly defend yourself and your company against the ever-growing number of advanced cyber threats?

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In-house or outsourcing?

Which scenario do you choose when it comes to managing security? Keeping your IT security in-house and maintaining control of your data security? Or would you rather have a guaranteed outcome for a set price?

With today’s growing diversity of security risks, a lot of companies find they lack the means – including adequate budget and qualified personnel – required to protect their systems 24/7.

In-house vs Managed SOC
Focus op de core business

Stay in control, focus on your core business

ON2IT’s Managed Security Services is the solution to taking security concerns out of your hands. This leaves you with more time and attention to focus on what really matters: running your company and achieving growth.

We provide our Managed Security Services from our own, hypermodern Security Operations Center (SOC), where a team of highly trained security specialists works with the best technological solutions available.

Readiness, Scoping & Fitness: back to basics

The most obvious starting point is attending to the basics. Using the ON2IT Zero Trust Readiness Assessment, we look at weaknesses and possible risks within the IT infrastructure. The focus is on data risks and security, so that we know where to start to secure the network and the data.

The assessment is based on the ON2IT Zero Trust Framework, which, after the initial assessment, also looks at scoping and fitness. The Zero Trust Scoping Tool enables you to determine which parts of your network are ideal first candidates for segmentation. And our Zero Trust Fitness Score gives you insight into the status of these segments.

All this data is clearly shown in our ON2IT Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform.

Zero Trust Readiness Assessment, Fitness & Scoping
Managed SOC ON2IT

Automation, overview and control

The ON2IT Security Operations Center (SOC) takes the IT security of your entire organization out of your hands. Generally, the work done by the SOC can be divided into two categories: monitoring and alerting; prevention and compliance.

The central automated hub of our Managed Security Services is our in-house developed SOAR platform.

We believe automation is not just desirable, but strictly necessary to limit manual controls and the chance of human error. It is also the only feasible way to properly check the ever-growing data streams.

Why Managed Security Services?

All for a fixed price per month

Fixed monthly subscription costs ensure that new investment – in people, tools or software – are no longer necessary and that unexpected costs can be avoided altogether. You get the entire range of our services for a fixed price per month.

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Curious about our cybersecurity approach?

With the ever-increasing variety of security threats, companies often lack the resources needed to protect their systems 24/7. We’d love to help you secure your data center, network, endpoints and cloud in a way where you remain in complete control and have constant visibility into everything that’s happening.