Network & data center security

Availability, integrity and confidentiality of data are the core values of (software-defined) network and data center security.

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More important than ever before

IT security within data centers and networks is more important than ever before. Where previously the greatest risk was the continuity of business operations due to hackers deleting or interrupting information, now there is an additional risk of the publication of sensitive data. Privacy regulations have blown a fresh new wind through the cybersecurity landscape.

Confidentiality,  integrity and availability of data are the core values of network and data center security. And that is especially the case within the Software-Defined Data Center and the Software-Defined Network.


Software-Defined Networking?

In Software-Defined Networking, network hardware limitations have been eliminated through the virtualization of network functions.

This virtualization makes it significantly easier to automate networks and it increases flexibility.

Software-Defined Data Center?

Within the Software-Defined Data Center, network, compute and storage is virtualized. This allows an optimal and flexible use of IT resources, enabling the data center to provide advanced IT-as-a-Service.


Next step: IT security within Software-Defined

With the increasing development in the direction of Software-Defined, IT security has also taken the next step: advanced automation.

By automating the most common IT activities in network, virtual machines, storage and application environments, it is possible to realize such achievements as implementing critical configuration modifications with minimal impact, from data center to endpoints.

Zero Trust Security also in data center and network

Within the Zero Trust concept, the focus of ‘preventing threats from entering your network’ changes to ‘the protection of your data and applications’. To achieve this protection, we group systems based on their data and we provide access to data based on user groups.

This segmentation enables you to maintain control and overview, and you immediately reduce the risk and the impact of cybercrime – wherever your data may be located.

More about Zero Trust Security

zero trust network segmentation

Our partners for network & data center security

extreme networks

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is the distinct market leader when it comes to network components for the largest data centers worldwide. Extreme Networks enables organizations to increase the efficiency, reliability and flexibility of their data centers.



VMware, the pioneer of virtualization and policy-driven automation, simplifies the IT complexity for the entire data center. VMware NSX is the premiere network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

With its Next Generation Security Platform, Palo Alto Networks simplifies protection in the Software-Defined Data Center. This allows us to provide a virtual data center network that is completely in line with Zero Trust principles.