Neuvector is the first integrated and automated security platform for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. With Neuvector east-west container network traffic can now be protected and monitored.

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Multi-vector container security platform

NeuVector is a trendsetter within Kubernetes security, and is currently the first and only organization offering a multi-vector container firewall. This allows the container strategy to be smoothly rolled out throughout an organization in the public and private cloud as well as the on-premise environment.

Why we selected NeuVector

Fast developments in the area of implementation, scaling and execution of application containers also imply fast IT security issues. To increase IT security of both host and container, it is necessary to make the east-west traffic visible.

NeuVictor developed a product for behavioral learning of container security which guarantees the fast implementation, scaling, execution and security of application containers. Reason enough for ON2IT to enter into a collaboration with NeuVector.