Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a leading global provider of cybersecurity solutions. Their main objective is to maintain confidence in a safe digital era. Palo Alto Networks serves the needs of more than 50,000 organizations worldwide for applications that can be used safely and that can help prevent cyberbreaches.

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Safe access, always and everywhere

Palo Alto Networks is the founder of the Next Generation Firewalls. Over the years, the organization has become a worldwide leader in the field of IT security.

The Security Operating Platform protects digital transformations by combining continuous innovations with the most recent developments in the field of security, automation and analyses. The growing ecosystem of change-makers provides for very efficient and innovative IT security for cloud platforms, networks and endpoints. This ensures maximum IT security and performance: safe access to all applications, for all users, from any location.

Why Palo Alto Networks

ON2IT works together with Palo Alto Networks because it was one of the first to make intelligent threat detection and management possible. The combination of services and products from Palo Alto Networks’ services and products with ON2IT’s Managed Security Services makes this a rock-solid collaboration.
The ON2IT Security Automation & Orchestration Platform – integrated with the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform – brings an automated approach to your network security, endpoint security and cloud security.

ON2IT is also proud of its status as Diamond Partner, Certified Professional Services Partner, Authorized Support Center and Authorized Training Center.

Security Operating Platform

The Security Operating Platform offers continuous protection of the network, endpoints and cloud by integrating Palo Alto Networks solutions as well as those of relevant security partners. The open and flexible Platform uses Cortex, Data Lake and apps from relevant security parties.

PAN Security Operating Platform

Palo Alto Networks apps, 3rd party apps, customer apps

The Platform offers not only space for the Palo Alto Networks apps but also for apps of external parties as well as for apps developed in-house

Cortex XDR Analytics app

Makes it possible to recognize active attackers by using behavior analysis

Threat Prevention

Blocks known malware, exploits and command & control activities on the network

URL filtering

Provides safe access to the web and prevents access to unreliable and phishing websites


Recognizes and prevents unknown threats and then shares the protection solution with the platform – and thus with other global users of WildFire – in a quick and automated manner


Provides threat-intelligence of context in order to respond proactively to unknown attacks


Makes collaboration possible with third-party threat intelligence and automates intervention by Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) so that rogue behavior can be quickly identified

Data Lake

Facilitates central storage of logs in the cloud


Provides protection of mobile devices. Phishing, focused cyberattacks, (un)known threats and malicious websites are visible and thus controllable at all times, wherever the device or user is located


Protects endpoints by blocking malware, exploits and ransomware


Virtualized next-gen protection of cloud environments


Protection of applications in the SaaS environment

Zero Trust SOC-as-a-Service app

The ON2IT Zero Trust SOC app for Palo Alto Networks offers you a quick and reliable security configuration for your IT infrastructure (on-site, hybrid or cloud). Your team has direct access to the 24/7 detection and response abilities of the ON2IT Zero Trust SOC team.

With the ON2IT Zero Trust SOC app, you also have direct access to Palo Alto Networks Data Lake, via the ON2IT Security Automation & Orchestration Platform.

ON2IT and Palo Alto Networks

Authorized Training Partner &
Support Center

ON2IT is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Palo Alto Networks. This means that we have our own certified trainers in house and that we conduct the official Palo Alto Networks product trainings on a regular basis. Our status as Authorized Support Center (ASC) offers direct access to developers within Palo Alto Networks, meaning that we have an extensive local inventory of spare parts available.

Diamond Partner

ON2IT has been a Diamond Partner of Palo Alto Networks since 2008. Only a limited number of European partners are awarded this unique and highest-level status. The Diamond Partner status is only granted only when there is experience and expertise in house regarding the entire security platform of Palo Alto Networks.

Certified Professional
Services Partner

To be able to offer the highest level of professional services to the Palo Alto Networks users, ON2IT has been admitted as a Certified Professional Services Partner (CPSP) of Palo Alto Networks. Because of this status, we have access to a considerable variety of best practices and trainings.