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Cloud Security from Palo Alto Networks

Know your responsibilities

These days, data and applications can be found everywhere, from private cloud to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments. There is not doubt about the business value of the cloud. However, the question is how you can best secure your data in the cloud.

Your cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, while you are responsible for the security of the data in the cloud. Should you take no measures, than your data can be unintentionally accessible to external parties.

The cloud evolution requires a new model of automated cybersecurity and it should be a vital part of your IT security.

Is your cloud environment secure?

ON2IT and Palo Alto Networks make sure you have consistent, automated security in public cloud, private cloud and SaaS environments. The advantage is that you can create a policy that is applicable no matter where the workload is located. SaaS applications can be quickly implemented and cloud-delivered services can be quickly rolled out – with no disruption of business.

Thanks to smart administrative tools, cloud security can be easily implemented and managed, and it offers consistent protection in all environments, including the cloud.

Cloud Security by Palo Alto Networks

IaaS and PaaS Security

With the use of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments, there are new risks that require a different security strategy, such as the Zero Trust strategy. We can help you have consistent security in all large cloud platforms. Applications can be segmented and secured so that you can be demonstrably compliant as well as protected against zero-day attacks.

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SaaS Security

The products of Palo Alto Networks expose the risks of SaaS use, limit data loss and provide advanced threat protection. All this, so you can be demonstrably compliant while you prevent data leaks and business disruption. In your SaaS environment you want to prevent the uncontrolled use of SaaS, the exposure of sensitive data and the spread of malware.

Risk Discovery

  • Revealing data exposure in SaaS applications
  • Risky data exposure is prevented with the use of workflows

Aperture gives you an overview of the permitted and non-permitted applications that are used and who is using them.

Control Risk Exposure

  • The identification and checking of risky applications based on service characteristics
  • The checking of private access to SaaS accounts

App-ID provides you with an overview of the risky applications that are active and makes sure you can block private access to SaaS applications. App-ID indicates when an application has doubtful general conditions that can cause data leaks.

Control SaaS Access

  • SaaS traffic is redirected in a streamlined manner via a Next Generation Firewall
  • No agent or configuration is needed at the endpoints

The VPN solution GlobalProtect sends all the traffic through the firewall and supports Mac, Windows and Linux environments. This gives you more visibility and you are in control. Aperture monitors and protects the activities that take place in the cloud.

Consistent Security in Apps

  • Aperture supports various apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, AWS, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Office 365


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Cortex from Palo Alto Networks is not a collection of security technologies but one location where you can purchase security as a service. This offers you the opportunity to select for yourself which applications you need and when.

You can now choose for threat intelligence and IoT security and next month make use of an extra automation app. If the new or existing app does not meet your expectations, you can simply turn it off again.

You can find all of this in Cortex:

  1. Cloud-based applications from Palo Alto Networks itself.
  2. Security applications from more than thirty third-party partners such as ON2IT, SafeBreach and Cofense. We have developed our own Zero Trust SOC-as-a-service for Cortex.
  3. This gives you the ability to add applications yourself. Develop your own security app, or with another party. After approval, this can be offered in Cortex.
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