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Cortex XDR
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A quick root cause analysis

Cortex XDR combines network, endpoint, and cloud data to automatically detect attacks, and uses a combination of behavioral analysis and custom detection rules to identify threats.

By aggregating all this data, it is possible to identify the root cause of an attack within 30 minutes and provide the context that analysts need to investigate faster and better. Without Cortex XDR, a root cause analysis often takes days or even weeks.

Security teams can also stop threats directly by coordinating the response, but they can also use the knowledge from investigations to further strengthen the defense. Security analysts can store queries or rules and apply them to future detections.

Collaboration between individual tools

For a long time, you needed separate storage and separate sensors for tasks like network traffic analysis, user behavior analysis, and endpoint detection and response. Cortex XDR changes this situation and ensures that all individual tools work together to achieve the highest possible level of security.

XDR - Datacenter, Netwerk, Cloud en Endpoint

Advantage of multiple data sources

Although Cortex XDR can work perfectly with just one source of data, Data Lake makes it possible to take advantage of data from multiple sources, so you don’t miss a thing.

PAN Cortex XDR

Multiple data sources

While Cortex XDR can work well with a single source of data, such as your firewall or endpoint data, it is advisable to use multiple data sources to prevent you from missing anything, and to ensure that you get all the context you need to stop attacks quickly.

Cortex Data Lake

When the network, endpoint and cloud data are all stored in Cortex Data Lake, you don’t need to manage on-site log servers and you’ll have all the data for forensics, analytics and machine learning in one place.

Large amounts of data

The basis for detection and research is data. You need a lot of data. From different sources and collected over a long period of time, with all the details needed to detect and verify attacks. Cortex XDR gives you access to data from networks, users and hosts, endpoints, applications, and threat intelligence. This is necessary to enable behavioral analysis and machine learning.


Cortex XDR also uses WildFire’s threat intelligence, such as malware assessments. And companies can upload their own threat intelligence data to the Cortex XDR user interface. All this data is automatically combined to get the context needed to detect and investigate threats.

Without this unique correlation of data, you would need extensive experience and expertise to do this manually, and this kind of knowledge is often lacking.

Proof of Concept

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