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Endpoint security from Palo Alto Networks

Traps – Advanced Endpoint Security

Palo Alto Networks Traps protects your endpoints through its unique identification process of exploit techniques. On top of that, Traps also provides:

  • The scanning of endpoints for ‘dormant’ malware
  • Control of what is and is not permitted
  • Malware quarantine so that (un)known threats are immediately blocked
  • Grayware classification so that non-harmful but still undesirable software can be blocked
  • Execution limitations: by defining policies, specific risky scenarios can be halted

Security Operating Platform

Traps is part of the Security Operation Platform, where knowledge can be shared with WildFire. This ensures that new security measures can be adopted and implemented – in a fully automated manner – within the Traps and the NGFW controls.

Traps sends the logs to Palo Alto Networks Data Lake so that they are seen in the same context as the Next Generation Firewall logs. This helps security team recognize and eliminate threats.

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