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Network security from Palo Alto Networks

Next Generation Firewalls

A secure network depends on visibility. The Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) from Palo Alto Networks offer oversight and control of the behavior of all applications in the network. This makes the NGFW the foundation of network security, with App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID as distinguishing security features.

  • App-ID™ identifies all applications – on different bases and fronts – within your network management.
  • User-ID makes sure that applications are used more effectively within the network. For example, application use can be linked to functional groups, and thus signals when users violate the policy. It is also possible to block the use of the application, if needed.
  • Content-ID™ technology provides a new approach to network security and is based on a complete analysis of all the permitted traffic.


GlobalProtect™ is part of network security because it provides protection of mobile devices. Phishing, focused cyberattacks, (un)known threats and malicious websites are visible and thus controllable at all times, wherever the device or user is located.


Panorama™ Network Security Management reduces the administrative workload and provides effective and clear security from one central dashboard. This allows you to have control over your NGFWs, your data center and your cloud environments.