Pentests, where you test your cybersecurity from the hacker’s perspective, are an incredibly important tool for cybersecurity specialists, auditors and CISOs. ON2IT uses Pentera’s automated pentests as part of their Zero Trust Fitness Score.

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Webinar: Automated Pentesting & Ransomware Readiness

Automated Penetration Testing Platform

Automated pentests are vital to validating a Zero Trust network architecture, but also for the continued monitoring of the effectiveness of your prevention and compliance measures.


ON2IT, together with Pentera, provides an automated solution for penetration testing. PenTera™ imitates the attack techniques of the most advanced hackers in your own network – therefore, from the inside out. PenTera™ is locally installed on your network, to ensure that running the pentest doesn’t open up your network for malicious activity.

PenTera™ uses standard hardware and only takes a few hours to install, after which all tools can instantly be applied within your company environment.

Using PenTera™, ON2IT provides detailed reports about vulnerabilities in your security and the measures necessary to deal with them.

Why we choose Pentera

Human hackers, whether they be internal Red Teams or external consultants hired for mandatory pentests, have a limited attack repertoire, are inconsistent, and often too expensive to hire more than strictly necessarily.

ON2IT and Pentera’s automated solution uses all exploitation and dynamic hacking techniques for every pentest: sniffing, Man in the Middle, lateral movements, remote execution, password hacking, ethical malware-injections and elevation access rights.