SafeBreach checks the IT infrastructure of organizations through breach simulations from a hacker’s point of view. This allows IT departments to proactively address vulnerabilities within the network before they are exploited by hackers.

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Breach and Attack Simulation

SafeBreach is a new approach where organizations can assess their IT infrastructure 24/7 and can proactively find vulnerabilities before hackers do. SafeBreach is a safe method for simulating multiphase, real world attacks, just like attackers do.

The automated 24/7 red team offers a hacker’s view of a business’s security status. SafeBreach executes automatic breach methods, predicts attacks, validates existing security, and improves the response based on the Hacker’s Playbook™.

Why we selected SafeBreach

Continuous security validation is the only way to convincingly answer the question, “Is my IT security good?” That’s why in 2016, ON2IT – as the 1st European partner – chose SafeBreach and its automated platform that hacks safely, 24/7.

SafeBreach has since been declared a BlackHat Most Innovative Startup, one of the Bloomberg 50 Most Promising Startups and a Gartner Cool Vendor.



Download The Hacker’s Playbook

The Hacker’s Playbook™

Curious about which scenarios can be rolled out in your organization? Want to know about the top security issues that SafeBreach has learned during the ‘hacker game’?

The Hacker’s Playbook™ from SafeBreach is a collection of all attack techniques, and it is always up to date. The Playbook now includes some 5,000 techniques. SafeBreach is happy to share the knowledge gained about methods and scenarios over the entire kill chain.

Download the Hacker’s Playbook™ to learn more about practices such as:

  • Successful infiltration and exfiltration methods
  • Most common mistakes (or errors) by IT security teams

  • Best practices to be proactively secure

How SafeBreach works

Simulate and correct

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