Security validation

How do you know if your network contains vulnerabilities? Validate your IT security by testing for known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities.

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Validate your IT security

When do you know your IT-security is sufficient? And how can you be sure? The effectiveness of your IT security policy and the associated IT security measures can only be validated in one way: by testing them!

Depending on the issue and the objective, various vulnerability assessments, or penetration tests, are possible.

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ON2IT helps organizations validate their IT security through:

  • Drawing up an inventory of applications & SaaS: provides insight into applications used and their risks

  • Network assessment: provides insight into vulnerabilities within the infrastructure

  • Application assessment: provides an overview of leaks in web applications

  • Infiltrate/exfiltrate test: checks whether a hacker can obtain data through a leak

  • Validation from a hacker’s view: continuous validation of network security controls with Pentera

Validation based on Zero Trust

ON2IT bases all its IT security solutions and services on the Zero Trust model. Even the security validation is based on Zero Trust: segmenting and protecting the most vulnerable and important data and elements of the network; never trust and always verify.

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Zero Trust