SOAR Platform

The in-house developed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform is the automated center of your and our Security Operations Center (SOC). The Platform offers flexibility, independence, advanced automation and innovation within the SOC.

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The automated center of Managed Security Services

The ON2IT mSOC operates from our in-house developed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform: the automated center of our Managed Security Services.

We developed the Platform because we prefer flexibility, independence, automation and innovation above the technical limitations of manual checks. This enables you and us to spend more time on key issues and innovations.

We register all service requests in the SOAR platform, including follow-up and possible solutions. This provides real-time insight into status and actions, together with relevant reports from the reporting module. These reports help you and our Security Operation Center to evaluate and – if necessary – propose improvements to the IT security.

The Platform supports your IT security, regardless of your hardware’s supplier or technology (Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Cisco and Fortinet).

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Advantages of the SOAR platform

  • A high-level dashboard

    The center for operations, threat management and reports

  • Clear reports

    Technical and management reports on a monthly basis as proof that you are compliant with various regulations

  • Best practice en gap reports

    SOAR checks the status of the security in run-time. As soon as any deviant behavior is detected, a ticket is automatically created and picked up by our ON2IT SOC

  • Quick prevention through automation

    Our threat intelligence system EventFlow that was developed in-house ensures better insight into data and data traffic, which allows advanced automation and rules of engagement to be set

  • Rules of Engagement

    The SOAR responds automatically to best practices and parameters from the ON2IT playbook. This playbook is continuously updated with the latest findings and experiences.

  • Ticket system

    Changes, security events and incidents are automatically detected and reported. The Platform ensures that your IT security is verified as compliant.

  • Insight into hardware configurations

    One central platform with all information about configuration, location, status and monitoring agreements for all hardware. Insight regarding your IT compliance

  • Role-based access

    Role-based access to tickets, reports and service management

  • Multi-vendor and multi-technology

    The ON2IT Platform provides independent support, regardless of the hardware technology used, which could be from Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Fortinet, SafeBreach, NeuVector or Cisco.

  • Security Self Services

    Within the platform your security services are available: Filer 3.0 (safely share large files), Managed Mail Security and Multifactor Authenticatie


The Zero Trust as a Service platform

With the introduction of AUXO, our redesigned cybersecurity platform, ON2IT now delivers Zero Trust via a tightly integrated and automated managed cybersecurity platform designed to both strengthen and simplify the protection of sensitive data and critical assets.

AUXO integrates world-class Zero Trust expertise, technologies, design and implementation services into our managed security operations centers. Now, for the first time, organizations will document and operationalize their Zero Trust strategy within a single platform.

Curious what AUXO can mean for your organization?

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