ZALTBOMMEL, NEDERLAND, October 14, 2022 — Providers of managed cybersecurity services almost always limit their audits to a single product or organizational component. ON2IT has chosen to involve the entire organization and managed services in the audit: an overall quality stamp. This gives customers more certainty about the quality of the Zero Trust Managed Security Services.

The Zero Trust as a Service measures and controls are managed with ON2IT’s cloud-based cybersecurity platform AUXO™. According to Yuri Bobbert, CISO of ON2IT, a high degree of automation is essential for SOC 2 compliance, but also to support other control frameworks at scale.

“The market demands certification of managed services”

The SOC 2 type II declaration for Zero Trust as a Service is demanded by international organizations as an essential condition for outsourcing Managed Security Services. SOC 2 type II is also an indispensable stepping stone for FEDramp certification in the US, and is of great importance for customers who have to comply with new European directives such as NIS 2 and DORA, which will become mandatory later this year. The statement recognizes that “you do what you say you do”, according to Marcel van Eemeren, founder and CEO of ON2IT.

Zero Trust increasingly mandatory

Zero Trust was conceived by ON2IT Senior Vice President, John Kindervag, who developed the strategy while still at Forrester Research. Zero Trust has now been embraced worldwide.

According to John Kindervag, current IT security practices provide inadequate tools for today’s cyber war. Protecting assets requires a focus on prevention, underpinned by a strategy that mitigates cybersecurity risks.

Zero Trust is seen as the only strategy that reduces risk and prevents successful attacks, which is why the US government has made the deployment of Zero Trust mandatory for all government bodies since 2021.

About ON2IT

ON2IT is a global pure-play managed cybersecurity service provider. We combine our innovative Zero Trust AUXO™ platform with a team of security analysts who respond in real time to known and unknown threats and disruptive security events.

ON2IT, a recognized leader in Zero Trust, introduced Zero Trust As A Service (ZTAAS) last year. A merger of the cybersecurity platform AUXO™ and the 24 x 7 x 365 managed mSOC™.

ZTAAS instantly improves protection against cyber attacks and provides more preventive capacity based on Zero Trust as strategy and five-step implementation model.