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Get 24/7 Zero Trust Managed Detection and Response seamlessly integrated with Palo Alto Networks Cortex.

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The ON2IT Zero Trust SOC app enables customers to directly connect the ON2IT Security Automation and Orchestration Platform to Palo Alto Networks Cortex.

The ON2IT Zero Trust App for Palo Alto Networks expedites the onboarding and security configuration of your IT infrastructure (on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based), giving your team immediate access to the 24/7 detection and response capabilities of the ON2IT Zero Trust SOC team.

After onboarding, analysis of security events is highly automated, providing you with incident-response, monthly reporting, and compliance reporting for standards like GDPR and ISO27001. Manual interventions by our SOC analysts allow for rapid response in the case of continuously threatening events.

ON2IT Zero Trust Soc App


Zero Trust as a Service platform

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ON2IT SOC-as-a-Service:

Far beyond managed security

ON2IT’s virtual SOC goes beyond the service-level of traditional managed security services, which primarily focus on alert management.

With the ON2IT Zero Trust SOC, you can access the ON2IT Security Automation and Orchestration Platform to integrate your in-house or cloud platforms with transparent communication workflows to ON2IT analysts, engineers, data scientists and sector specialists. Cybersecurity becomes a collaborative process with an expert team on your side. You and our team share the same dashboards and interfaces, giving you a 24/7 accurate and up-to-date status of threat management.

ON2IT Zero Trust SOC features

  • Zero Trust architecture and compliance framework
  • Tight integration with Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, including Cortex XDR
  • SIEM Platform
  • Log forensics
  • Endpoint forensics
  • Network forensics
  • Threat hunting
  • Threat Intel
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Forensic Tools
  • Central dashboard
  • Reporting and summaries
  • Integration with ticketing systems and SIEMs
  • Flexible on demand monthly price plans

Zero Trust SOC

John Kindervag about the future of Zero Trust

Zero Trust SOC:

Never trust, always verify

The Zero Trust architecture, introduced by analyst firm Forrester Research, is an alternative architecture for IT security which is rapidly gaining traction.

The Zero Trust principles demand full visibility and context for all traffic – across user, device, location and application – plus the use of segments (zones) to give assets (especially crown jewels such as IP and sensitive information) an extra level of protection and visibility.

ON2IT software engineers and forensic experts have incorporated and built upon the Zero Trust design principles to offer the first virtual true Zero Trust SOC.


Europe’s largest pure-play Zero Trust SOC-as-a-Service

ON2IT is Europe’s largest pure-play Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provider with more than a decade of experience, best practices, and field-tested playbooks.

ON2IT and Palo Alto Networks

True cybersecurity innovators

ON2IT’s adoption of Palo Alto Networks technology since 2009 and Traps (now Cortex XDR) since 2015 reflects our support for cybersecurity innovation now and in the future. Our offerings include full management of Palo Alto Networks’ ecosystems, including health monitoring, best-practice monitoring, and SOC services.

ON2IT is a Palo Alto Networks ASC Elite, ATP, CPSP, MSSP, CSSP, a Diamond Partner, and winner of the Traps global award.

We are driven by the notion that automation, innovation, a never-ending curiosity and continuous search for improvement can actually make the Internet a safer place.

ON2IT | Zero Trust Innovators
Palo Alto Networks

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Our high levels of automation, field-proven playbooks and a team of dedicated forensic experts enable ON2IT to deliver its SOC-as-a-Service at an extremely competitive monthly pricing. Let us contact you for a detailed quote for your security infrastructure.

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