Zero Trust as a Service

Cybersecurity incidents are escalating and their increasing sophistication exposes risks in current IT security practices. It is time for a new category of cyberdefense focused on prevention, based on Zero Trust, consumable and affordable: Zero Trust as a managed Service (ZTaaS)

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The next step in the evolution of Zero Trust

Zero Trust was created by ON2IT Senior Vice President, John Kindervag, who developed the strategy while at Forrester Research. According to Kindervag, business critical assets are under attack by increasingly sophisticated internal cyberthreats and current IT security practices are insufficient tools for today’s cyberwar.

Protecting critical assets requires relentless focus on prevention, underpinned by a strategy that reduces cybersecurity risk. Cyber resilience built on Zero Trust is the only strategy that reduces risk and prevents successful attacks

Zero Trust
Webinar - How to start your Zero Trust journey

What can Zero Trust as a Service do for you?


John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust and SVP Cybersecurity Strategy at ON2IT, shares his insights on the evolution of his Zero Trust model into a managed service model, the Executive Order on Cybersecurity and the outcomes of a prevention-first cyberdefence.

Modernizing Cybersecurity with Authentic Zero Trust

Modernizing Cybersecurity with Authentic Zero Trust


Fulfilling the Zero Trust planning requirements of the Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity. ON2IT has implemented hundreds of authentic Zero Trust Architectures around the world. And, we are ready to help you.

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Simplifying the Zero Trust Journey

As industry leaders deepen their commitment to Zero Trust to reduce asset risk, simplify operations and strengthen execution, they are experiencing challenges operationalizing their Zero Trust Strategy due to access to both experienced Zero Trust resources and skilled cyber talent.

Addressing these challenges requires a fundamental shift in managed security services. It is time for a new category of cyber defense focused on prevention, based on Zero Trust, consumable and affordable. The building blocks of authentic Zero Trust have matured and can now be consumed as a service.

Steps to Zero Trust

AUXO: the Zero Trust as a Service platform

ON2IT, a recognized industry leader in Zero Trust, developed the next innovation in Cybersecurity Services, Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS).

With the introduction of AUXO, our redesigned cybersecurity platform, ON2IT now delivers Zero Trust via a tightly integrated and automated managed cybersecurity platform designed to both strengthen and simplify the protection of sensitive data and critical assets.

AUXO integrates world-class Zero Trust expertise, technologies, design and implementation services into our managed security operations centers. Now, for the first time, organizations will document and operationalize their Zero Trust strategy within a single platform.

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AUXO - Zero Trust Portal
AUXO - Zero Trust Portal
AUXO - Zero Trust Portal

Built on Authentic Zero Trust ™

ON2IT built its business using the original Zero Trust concepts, known as Authentic Zero Trust™. It has not strayed from the core principles of Zero Trust as defined by John Kindervag starting in the seminal report “No More Chewy Centers.”

Unlike many others, ON2IT has not tried to redefine the meaning of Zero Trust based upon the limitations of a product.

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The core principles of Authentic Zero Trust are simple:

  • It is a strategy designed to stop data breaches and other cyber-attacks.

  • It leverages design principles proven to work over more than a decade

  • It uses the standard 5-step methodology for implementing a Zero Trust architecture

  • It provides demonstrable, objective, positive security outcomes for companies who adopt Zero Trust

The Cybersecurity Industry’s First Zero Trust as a Service

Managing prevention

  • Zero Trust Cybersecurity Controls / Management
  • Self-learning Security Operations Center
  • Zero Trust Policy Validator
  • Cybersecurity Improvement Advisories
  • ROE™ Automated Rules of Engagement
  • Countermeasures

Alerting and alarming

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Experienced Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Reveal AI-based Threat Hunting
  • EventFlow2.0 Zero Trust Contextual Enrichment of 100% of Security Events
  • Automated Resolution of 99.999% of Security Events
  • Incident Response Assistance and Guidance

Compliance and improvement

  • Zero Trust Strategy Implementation
  • High Value Asset Registration
  • Best Practice Violation Alerts
  • Zero Trust Fitness
  • Protect Surface Management and Dashboard
  • Zero Trust Maturity Dashboard
  • Compliance, Incident and Service Reporting

So are you ready to start your Zero Trust journey?

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